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Two Indy TV Stars Break Down Their Signature Looks

Reality staples Andrew Bryson and MJ Coyle discuss Indy's fashion and design scenes and more.

Andrew Bryson

You’re well-known as Blair St. Clair, a two-time competitor on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but what’s your style out of drag?

Comfortable. Trendy. Fun! I wear a lot of oversized street/urban type of fashion.

You’ve represented Indy very fashionably on TV.

I think it’s ridiculous when people say Indy lacks fashion. Fashion here varies depending which side of town you are in. 

And where are you?

Chatham Arch, near Mass Ave, where there are a lot of young professionals. I tend to find myself dressing “business casual,” but comfort is still my priority.

How have you seen fashion and culture change over time?

I’ve seen men’s fashion drastically change within the past few years. For instance, I remember when we used to refer to a man that really cared about his appearance and his outfit choices as “metrosexual.” I don’t think that term really exists anymore, because it’s been the trend to use fashion and hairstyle as an outward statement of personality!

What have some people said to you about your style in and out of drag?

I hear a lot about how young I look out of drag. Yes, I get it. I’ll appreciate the baby face when I’m a bit older, but I hear that so often. In drag, I often hear a lot of comparisons to many different people. It’s never the same comparison, but I’ll gladly take it. I’ve been compared to Paris Hilton; Gigi Hadid; Carrie Underwood; and Khloé Kardashian, to name a few. Those names could not be more different from one another!

What fashion trends are you obsessed with right now?

I used to be so fixated with vintage couture fashion, but what I’ve learned most is that I love the reoccurring elements in fashion. Right now, I’m really into washed and distressed 90s fashion and color blocking. I think all fashion reinvents itself in new ways and I’m always drawn to making something “my own!”

When did you start doing hair?

In kindergarten. I remember styling my Barbies’ hair and giving them highlights and lowlights with markers.

You recently opened a salon downtown.

I opened Hair by Blair in late 2019 with the original intent to sell lace front and full lace wigs online. Moving back to Indianapolis from DC, I decided to open a salon space under the same name to include taking clients in the space versus solely selling wigs online. I love to explain to my clients that every single haircut, color, and style I do is designed perfectly for each client. There’s no such thing as a duplicate. I like to say that I create designer hair, which is something you wear out 100 percent of the time, whereas with a designer bag or shoes you may wear a fraction of that!

How do you view the fashion scene here?

Mass Ave is pretty trendy. Fountain Square is a bit more bohemian. The North side is a bit more business wear. The East side is a bit more street wear. The South side is a bit more casual.

How are you using your platform to help our community here?

I work with a lot of transgender women that are in the beginning stages of their transition, some women that have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment or alopecia, and I’m currently trying to work with Paul Mitchell in a way to give back to a school that gave me the building blocks to my career.

MJ Coyle

That’s what you work in?

As a designer, I never know where my day will take me. I’m on a lot of construction sites. A good pair of stylish work boots is a must-have. I love my Blundstones.

When did you start working in interior design? 

I started by designing for West Elm. They had a very small interior design program I was in charge of. 

Now you’re on HGTV.

I started working with Two Chicks and a Hammer in 2017, I believe. My first season of Good Bones was season four; however, I didn’t appear on camera. 

What projects stand out?

HGTV’s “Rock the Block” competition that we filmed in L.A. I also really love it when we do small community projects. We helped rehab Healthy Harvest Market.

Off-site, what do you wear? 

Casual, neutral, quality goods. If all your T-shirts are high-quality and your jeans are, too, you can’t really go wrong. Coats and jackets are the only thing I get really spendy with.

Was interior design something you always wanted to do?

I started out merchandising for Ted Baker London in NYC. Then interior design just kind of happened from there, one client at a time.

Where might we bump into you around town?

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve hung out anywhere! My favorite place in Indy hands down is Midland. They allowed us to film there when I renovated our new home. I was like, “If there isn’t a scene filmed at Midland people will be worried about me.” It’s the first place I drag people who are new to Indy. I’m there at least once a week.

Where do you like to shop locally for menswear?

Honestly, everywhere. I love that Christian over at Howl + Hide is starting to dip his toe into menswear. I also love James Dant! Are those two that everyone says? I’d love to get to know more spots! If I’m in New York or LA, or ordering something online, it’s Buck Mason. They make the best basics on Earth.

How have you seen fashion and culture change in Indianapolis over time?

Fashion has changed a lot in Indianapolis. I was born and raised in Broad Ripple when I was little, I really thought that was the peak of culture. I mean artsy fartsy, come on, now that is culture. Then as I grew up and experienced more of Indy, I realized that there is so much going on in Indy, it’s really a never-ending process. The sky’s the limit.

What have people said to you about your style?

“You’re wearing that to build a table?” Or, “That’s what you garden in?” And, “You’re wearing those shoes? This house has human shit in it.” You know, stuff like that.


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