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Greg Oden and Thad Matta on the Butler basketball court in Hinkle Fieldhouse
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Thad Matta And Greg Oden Are Back In The Game

From Ohio State Buckeyes to Butler Bulldogs, coach Thad Matta and former player Greg Oden have reunited in Indianapolis, where both men are happy to be home again and involved with the sport they couldn’t leave behind.

two kids playing the Magnavox Odyssey
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How The World’s First Home Gaming System Was Made In Indiana

Magnavox Odyssey, the first-ever commercial home video-game console, was born in a Fort Wayne boardroom 50 years ago and changed home entertainment forever.

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The Ups And Downs Of Daniel Larsen

The Bloomington teen was the youngest person to ever create a New York Times crossword puzzle and has solved complex math problems that stumped Ph.D.s twice his age.

Mies van der Rohe building
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Once Upon A Mies Van Der Rohe Skyline

Researchers discovered a treasure trove of Mies van der Rohe’s projects in Indianapolis that—much like our reputation for architecture—never got off the ground.

The abandoned Lafayette Square Mall Fabio de la Cruz is redeveloping
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Fabio Goes Shopping At Lafayette Square

Fabio de la Cruz has promised to transform long-suffering Lafayette Square Mall with a $200 million investment, most of it his own money. His name may not be real, but his skeptics are.

Adrian Matejka grinning
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Adrian Matejka Is No Square Poet

Ten years after Indiana University professor Adrian Matejka’s poems first appeared in Poetry magazine, he takes the helm as the historic publication’s first Black editor. Here, he talks about growing up poor on the east side, his love of Star Trek, and what makes poetry relevant in the internet age.

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Why Indiana’s GOP Can’t Be Trumped

If the Trump-era Republican Party experienced a public, messy identity crisis, somebody forgot to tell its Indiana chapter. Like it or not, they’re remarkably unified—and set up to continue an unprecedented electoral winning streak.

Two men in profile silhouettes looking at each other
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Twin Suicide: A Tragic Symmetry

Like many twins, Will and Joe Lawrance shared a deep connection that manifested itself in their love of art and their longing to be close to one another. They also both died by suicide, a fate their parents now see signs of in some of their work.

Vevay postcard illustration
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Why Kat Von D Moved To Indiana’s Weirdest Town

When celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D bought a mansion in Vevay last year, some were surprised the L.A. counterculture queen would settle down in rural Indiana. But the weird southeastern Indiana town was wonderfully so, long before her arrival.

An illustration with Socrates, books, a Greek column, and the Liberty Fund headquarters
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The Pursuits Of Liberty

The tragic death of an idealistic academic has brought to light an existential struggle within the halls of one of the country’s most powerful education foundations, the Liberty Fund.

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Is It End Game For The NCAA?

After endless complaints of arbitrary and unpredictable rule enforcement, economic unfairness, and lax oversight, the question of what it would take to topple the NCAA seems almost hopelessly quixotic.

Illustration by Kyle Scott
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John Mellencamp Ain’t Even Done

As John Mellencamp turns 70, the Indiana icon reflects on a career that has transcended his “Pop Singer” beginnings and now represents what rock and roll was supposed to be all about: doing whatever he wants.

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Half Baked: How A Would-Be Cannabis Empire Went Up In Smoke

Rebecca Raffle came to Indianapolis from Los Angeles with a story about building a cannabis empire. It was too good to be true.

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What Are You Wearing — And Why Isn’t It Made In Indy?

For a decade, Pattern has built up a fashion industry in Indianapolis. So where are the clothes?

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Scott Jones Got Rich Inventing The Next Big Thing. Can He Reinvent Himself?

Indy’s most prolific, flamboyant entrepreneur says he’s burned through his fortune of more than $400 million amid lavish spending, a high-profile business failure, and a nasty divorce.