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Carmel mayoral candidate Sue Finkam standing in front of a Carmel mural
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Q&A With Carmel Mayoral Candidate Sue Finkam

Sue Finkam wants to lead Carmel after Jim Brainard’s 27-year mayoral run.

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The Mile Square’s Capital Gains

Investments in public safety, cleanliness, and outreach are coming to the Mile Square.

Phil Gulley getting punched by the number 22.
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Sick With Worry

As a hypochondriac, I make the most of my maladies, describing them to all who listen.

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Hardly Your Average Joe

My lifelong pal, Joe Saddler, saved me from going to hell—and so much more.

Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins CEO sports a blonde bob and a black jacket in this photo studio image with a grey background
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Q&A With Cummins CEO Jennifer Rumsey

Jennifer Rumsey is guiding Cummins through the electric vehicle revolution.

an illustration of Phil Gulley caught up in his list of to-dos
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I’ll Do It Tomorrow

I have a long to-do list, and getting started on it is probably on there.

Richmond Hill ground zero after a home explosion
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The Retaking Of Richmond Hill

It was an “everybody remembers where they were” moment. The devastating explosion in a quiet suburb shattered lives. Ten years on, we revisit the tragedy and the people who rose to the occasion in unprecedented ways.

Andrea Hunley outside the Indiana State Capitol Building
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Q&A With State Senate Candidate Andrea Hunley

The future looks bright for political newcomer Andrea Hunley.

A family poses with their Halloween decorations on their front porch for our Spookiest Homes of Indy photo gallery
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Photos Of Indy’s Spookiest Houses

As we enter Halloweekend, we’re spotlighting houses across Indianapolis that are ready for goblins and ghouls to knock on their doors … if they dare.

Phillip Gulley illustrated in an elephant republican mascot looking at a donkey he is sitting on
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The Elephant In The Room

Our political incumbents are about as legitimate as my claim to be a Republican.

Bald Eagle with head down in a tree
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The Eagle Has Landed

The American bald eagle is Indiana’s greatest conservation success story. But could the species’ improving numbers be obscuring a new threat to their recovery?

heartland film festival CEO Michael Ault
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Q&A With Heartland Film CEO Michael Ault

As Indy’s biggest film festival hits screens this month, the group’s new executive chats with us about what COVID changed and how he wants the event to evolve.

Newfields CEO Colette Pierce Burnette
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Q&A With Newfields’s New CEO Colette Pierce Burnette

Newfields’s new CEO Colette Pierce Burnette has been tasked with restoring the museum’s reputation. She chatted with us about her vision for the institution, her unconventional background, and that infamous job posting.

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Tipping Point

It’s canoeing season in Indiana, but not for Philip Gulley.

Outside the Old Hickory factory pallets of lumber
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The Deep-Rooted History Of Old Hickory

A lot has changed since Shelbyville’s Old Hickory was founded in 1899, but you wouldn’t know it from their furniture. Pull up a seat and admire the craftsmanship that has kept them in business for so long.