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“I’m Pretty Much The Only Person In Indiana Doing This”

Anthony Artis combines carpentry, blacksmithing, and leatherwork to make his authentic African drums.

Larry Malone
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The Northern Indiana Chemist Making Armor-Inspired Jewelry

Larry Malone creates intricate chain-mail bracelets and necklaces, one painstaking loop at a time.

Indiana Design
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The Hottest Hoosier Design

For those who insist on great design, behold 17 impeccable objects—from gallery-quality furniture to a revolutionary bike pump—that come from the minds and hands of Hoosiers.

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The Maker: Chairman Of The Board

“After a lot of trial and error, it kind of took off.”

A woman stands at a work table with materials used in stained-glass making.
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The Maker: Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio

“It always resembles a storm or a sunset or a sunrise. I look for something that evokes a feeling in me.”

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The Maker: Joe Krutulis

“It’s a continuously changing design. I look at it like four-dimensional art. You have the three-dimensional space, and it changes with time.”

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The Maker: Crafted Ink Pens

Great on paper.

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The Maker: Chuck Bruce

All told, a single piece can take a few days to create.

House of 5th
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Maker: Truen Jaimes, House Of 5th

The St. Elle style requires 42 feet of handstitching on top of cutting and dyeing the leather.

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Petrov Frame is the Gold Standard

“All of the great cities have a museum-quality frame shop. You don’t have to go to New York for those services. They’re here.”

Anthony Sousa
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Meet the Woodworker Behind The Gallery Pastry Shop’s Cool Look

“What most people think of when they hear the words reclaimed wood is barn wood, pallet wood, or other construction-related wood. I say that it’s time for a new definition.”

Michael Stout
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Michael Stout: Petal Pusher

The compact balls of soil and seeds can be launched into neglected lots to create pop-up plots.

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Flicker of Genius: Laura Cler

The clean burn—all wax, no soot—attracted a fan base that now includes Rachael Ray and Gwyneth Paltrow, and Linnea’s Lights earned a finalist spot in the 2015 Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards.

Homespun leather cuffs
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Leather ID Cuff

An ID cuff for the rugged man—who likes arcade games, guitars, or other hip pursuits.