Phil Gulley

Phil Gulley getting punched by the number 22.
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Sick With Worry

As a hypochondriac, I make the most of my maladies, describing them to all who listen.

Phillip Gulley illustrated in an elephant republican mascot looking at a donkey he is sitting on
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The Elephant In The Room

Our political incumbents are about as legitimate as my claim to be a Republican.

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Tipping Point

It’s canoeing season in Indiana, but not for Philip Gulley.

The Royal Treatment for a black queen of indiana shaking hands with Phil Gulley illustration
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The Royal Treatment

Despite Phil Gulley’s contempt for royalty, he thinks the governor should be overthrown by a queen, preferably a Black one.

A man welcoming people on boats from an Indiana beach due to climate change
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Sea Change

Global warming is real, but maybe Florida’s loss will be our gain.

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Country Living Is Such A Chore

Pastoral life has a reputation for being relaxing, but the cold truth is: It’s a lot of work.

Phil Gulley shaking hands with David Winters
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Meet Me In The Middle

Even in a small town like Danville, there’s room for civility between the two Americas.

a man snoozing
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Head In The Cloud

Phil Gulley’s laziness and distractibility? There should be an app for that.

a smiling man in a screen-house
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Shooting The Breeze In The Screenhouse

The timing to build his screenhouse could have been better, but for Phil Gulley there are few problems a good screenhouse can’t solve.

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Phil Gulley: Fallen Idle

It doesn’t help one’s self-esteem to be branded nonessential by the governor.

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Phil Gulley: Waste Knot

When it comes to weddings, thriftiness and true love are a match made in heaven.

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Phil Gulley: In A Pickle

The most dependable car I’ve ever owned is also the ugliest.

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Phil Gulley: Stumped

I’m encouraged by the large number of presidential candidates this year, but that doesn’t make it any easier to choose one.

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Phil Gulley: A New Civil War?

We’re too lazy for that.

gulley neighborhood bully
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Phil Gulley: Neighborhood Bully

Living under the unblinking eye of a homeowner’s association, I’m starting to think we should have insisted on decency being one of the covenants.